March 5, 2010

the eyes have it

This last week has been a little pathetic in the photography realm. I've been a
bit busier than normal, and kind of just kept shoving thoughts of Photo Friday to the back of my mind. Procrastination has always been a go-to behavior for served me so well in high school when I wrote my 6th period speeches during lunch, and it's continued to work for me until today, when I have not a single decent photo from this past week to put on my blog.

I'm also in the process of removing a huge amount of photo's from my lap top and transferring them to a portable hard drive, so I've been sorting through a lot of pictures lately.
Sometimes, something catches my eye that I didn't see the first time around, so I thought I'd share a few that I've recently played with a bit.

When I took snow pictures of my little niece a while back, I had a mix of results...some that turned out really good, and some that had an issue or two, (or three or four, but those I usually just delete).

I love eyes and eyelashes, and when I came across this photo again recently, I looked past the fact that it's a bit too dark, and generally just kind of a blah shot.

I did a major crop, and ran a couple different Photoshop actions, and ended up really liking the end result.

I love the softness and the focus on her eyelashes while her sweet little face kind of fades away.

I love baby faces.

This next shot is actually pretty nice....she has a cute expression, and the exposure is good.

In my current close up loving frame of mind, I like it even better cropped in, with her eyes as the star of the show.

Of course the goal is to get the perfect picture straight out of the camera, but when you miss the mark a bit, it's nice to know the vast power of Photoshop is there to help a sister out.

That's all I got! Hopefully, something will cross my camera's path this next week that will knock all our socks off, because I really don't want to have to resort to the calf birth that I photographed last week. I like you guys too much for that.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love them! Amazing how cropping, and just a different perspective can change everything.....hmmmm.....that's true in life too isn't it?

  2. She is GORGEOUS! And so is your photography! Oh my gosh, the way those edited you can see each individual eyelash. You are one talented lady, Miss Teresa! I've got a bit of a jealous bone for your photograpy skills. Hey, you think when I come over to stay (you know, my post about how you are going to find me on your porch one day) Can I have photography lessons while I am there!? hahaha ;o) ~mary~

  3. She's beautiful and you did a great job editing! That first one is precious!

  4. love the crops! sometimes you don't know what you want a shot to be until you play with it!

  5. Wow...your pictures are so amazing :)

  6. Cropping and switching to black and white make such a difference... now instead of being distracted by all the other things in the picture, you see the girl. And she is so sweet.

  7. Love how they both turned out. She is a real cutie.

  8. beautiful!

    Would love to know which actions you used!

    have a great weekend

  9. Calf birth? You're stronger than I am - all my camera would have recorded was me keeling over. Can photoshop make things less ... real? :-) -amy

  10. What a face! And is there anything as sweet as baby eye lashes?! :D

  11. Oh my those look great and you have inspired me to crop some of my own. I am always so scared to do too much editing but I just need to do it. I can always go back if I do not like it! Once again thanks for the inspiration!

  12. Auntie, I would actually be kind of interested in calf birth pictures...sounds cool! :) ~Laura

  13. Wow - that cropping look amazing!