March 23, 2010

pillow pals

I always love getting packages in the mail. Last week it was my seed order. The week before, shoes from Piperlime. This week brought a package that's a little different though, because there's a fun story to go with the newly arrived loot.

A while back, I shared how I discovered the Etsy shop Vintage Home, and consequently started collecting vintage tablecloths with the misguided plan to make my own version of the beautiful pillows found there. You can read more about it here.
Shortly after writing that post, Amy, the shop owner, happened upon my blog. It's a small cyber world we live in. Surprised to see her very own self on a perfect strangers blog, she left me a comment, and we started an email friendship.

A few weeks later, as I was sorting through things I wanted to get rid of during the purge, I thought I'd see if Amy was by chance interested in some of my tablecloths. I had long since decided I was not a pillow maker in the making, so some of my linens needed to find a new home. Amy was interested, and a deal was struck. Awesome writer that she is, Amy tells the story from her perspective on her blog, Into Vintage.

Part of that deal involved Amy making a set of pillows I can finally, a couple years after first discovering her shop, call my very own. It's the circle of life, vintage linen edition.

Right in the midst of our emailing design ideas back and forth, Amy posted this collage on her blog, showing some of her previous projects.

I love every single thing in this photo, so it was extremely easy to give Amy a few (okay, maybe more than a few - quit laughing, Amy) suggestions of what I was looking for. All that was left was to just sit back and wait for my dream pillows to make an appearance on my doorstep.

Yesterday was the day.

Each pillow cover arrived with it's own sachet in a bow tied package. Always a good sign of what's to come.

Each has it's own adorable Vintage Home tag.

And each, as requested, coordinates color wise, but is not matchy-matchy.

Amy even used some of my favorite blue chenille to make the cute pillow backs.

As luck would have it, Amy is having a giveaway for one of her wonderful vintage tablecloth table runners. It's a beauty, so if you're in a colorful, vintagey state of mind, hop on over to her blog and take a peek.

Thank you Amy, for helping me realize my vintage tablecloth pillow dreams. Thank you also, for not being offended by my extremely lame and very short-lived plans to shamelessly copy your one of a kind, beautiful and original work. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? I love my pillows, and can't wait for that first warm porch swing day, when they will take up their rightful place at last.


  1. Beautiful pillows, but the links are not working for me? Just me or? I would love to visit her blog and Etsy shop. Thank you! Jennifer

  2. What great pillows, I love the blue chenille on the back.

  3. Oh Teresa they are darling. It is like putting a fresh coat of paint on something to put fresh pillows out.

  4. I've seen her shoppe and drooled over her clever and colorful use of these vintage beauties...such nice sewing she does and she's good at putting together the beauty, thanks for sharing, I'm so happy for you both!

  5. Teresa...they are FABULOUS! I would love to see a couple of those on my rope hammock out in the yard this summer! They make me think of sunshine and lemonade! Beautiful...and they are so "you"! ~mary~

  6. Hey there Pillow Pal,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful post about my work - your photos are always nothing less than amazing. Wishing you a beautiful Spring and Summer on that charming porch of yours. -amy

  7. I wonder if she would want my vintage tablecloths. I have a collection that has been growing with the "best of intentions" always thinking that pillows or reusable shopping totes they would become.

  8. I love Amy's work, and I love those pillows! I have a Christmas table runner made by Amy and I love it. I love how she packages everything with the sachets-- such great detail!

  9. Isn't Amy wonderful? I sent her a tablecloth I thought she could use, it was too busy for a table and she sent me a pillow made out of some of the pieces! Now that I see yours, I am going to need a couple more, that is for sure!!!! I am putting mine outside, but they are coming in every night! :)

  10. OOOhhhh my.... aren't they beautiful... what a treat and in all your hand chosen colors and prints. They look just dreamy on your porch swing... are you ready to cozy on up for a good book read and some tea? Sure looks like the spot to do it is now set stage. Is that blue chenille a hard one to come by in that color? Never seen the blue so vivid and crisp white. I'm so in aahhwww over the slip covers I think I may need to invest in a few for my hammock here in Minnesota.

  11. The pillows are awesome! Love the colors! So summery! Love your photos. I'll definatly have to check out her shop & blog.

  12. Oh yes, I read her blog. She's very talented indeed! Love the bright colorful pillows.

  13. I just love stoppin' in your blog. So many beautiful things, and now you've added some fantastically gorgeous pillows. I've gotta ask... what is the little pouch under the tag and sachet?
    God Bless,

  14. Hi Heather - it's a cover for a pack of pocket size tissues. To be honest, I thought it was another sachet....I was so anxious to open up my pillows, I didn't look close enough. It is truly adorable.

  15. After reading your blog I went to her shop and ordered 2 barkcloth pillows! YAY -I can't wait to get them!!

  16. They're gorgeous! So glad you found a new friend who could make all of your pillow dreams come true!

  17. That's a great story...

  18. What a sweetheart she was! Fabulous pillows! I have to check her out! Thanks for the great post! Lori

  19. You have a beautiful blog. I saw you featured on Tidymom and fell in love with your kitchen and style immediately! I love everything I have seen so far!

    Lemon Tree Creations

  20. Beautiful blog, beautiful pillows, beautiful pictures!

    I love getting packages in the mail too. It's better than shopping at a store for me. :)

  21. So colorful. Found you through LovingItFriday! Read many wonderful things about you...very nice taste indeed!

  22. I love them all and the colors are so divine!!

  23. Hi! I'm coming to you via It Fridays) You are soo amazing..Your going to have people knocking at your door to move in (like me..Ha!Ha!)your photos are that breathtaking!! What a wonderful, beautiful (even prettier with amy's pillows)place to live. Reading what "Lovin It Fridays" had to tell us about you we have alot of the same interests.
    Hope you can visit my blog @ (I love to do everything,too)Right now I just finished reupholstering 4 Kitchen Chairs for $1.25 each with black & White Polka Dots..couldn't stop there so I did 4 Kitchen Stools, a Table Runner, Hutch & Napkin Holder..It was really fun, cheap, & did not take very long. Hope you'll stop by soon...Barb
    I think we could become friends..

  24. I'm a little late getting over here, but I was just catching up on your blog and I LOVED this post about Amy's pillows, etc, as I just got one from her about 2 weeks ago. It is now residing on a wicker settee on our front porch, and I am drooling over more of her new creations - many perhaps from your fabric - how cool! She sews beautifully, saving me the frustration of trying to make my own.
    Happy Spring!