March 8, 2010

a junk house bathroom

For several years now, we have been 99.9% done with the Junk House project. The house has been livable in every single way, with that last little fraction of unfinished projects being things that we had lived with for so long, we didn't even notice them anymore.

I won't bore you with the list of projects, but it did include a doorknob that needed to be installed for ten years. And, we've had the door knob for ten years.

Ten years.

To put on a door knob.

One of the fellas who worked on the outside of the Junk House back in 2001, for some reason has not had the foresight to change his phone number since that long ago project. Every year or two, I call him up and ask if he's game for any number of odds and ends projects. He always is, and last week he was nice enough to come over and finish up my list.

Door and baseboard trim were all that was left in the boys bathroom, and with that project finished up, I think it's time for a little before and after. Are you up for a stroll down Junk House memory lane?

Picture the tub with some bubbles, a good book and some nice scented candles.

And make sure you notice the outdoor lights over the sink.

If these scans weren't such poor quality, we could zoom in and really investigate what's happening on that wall. Thank goodness for the olden days of film.

The bathroom was functioning for the first part of the gutting process, but I refused to use it. There is not enough bleach on the earth, people.




I happily got in my car and drove to my in-laws when need be.

Now, compared to the before, the after definitely makes a statement, but on it's own, it's pretty basic. I didn't go all out decorating - it is a boys bathroom after all, no one else uses it, and they could not possibly care less what it looks like. I actually avoid going in there as much as possible. At least until the DOD contacts me to see if they can use whatever is growing in there as a new biological weapon. Then, I grab a bottle of bleach and face the monster.

Oh, I kid. Truly I do. I can't really complain about the original state of the bathroom, and then let you know my bathroom cleaning skills are less than stellar, can I? So, here's my story....I clean daily with a toothbrush. There. Was that convincing enough? No? We'd probably best just move on.

Here's the after.

Now, since we're already in the bathroom, tell me what you make of this. This is what greets me every single time me and my bottle of bleach pay a visit to the men's room.

I specifically got the easiest to operate tp holder for this room. When it comes to all things housekeeping related, lets just say some of my family members are not necessarily of the go above and beyond frame of mind. I wanted to make things easy for them. Apparently, it's still not easy enough. No matter how many times I put the roll on the holder, it always ends up on the floor. Always.

Kinda funny.

Similarly, I estimate that the same amount of effort is required to close a cupboard door, but this is my pantry on any given day.

If you have seen the movie The Sixth Sense, you will notice an eerie similarity to the kitchen scene. So, in their defense, I suppose my family could possibly be totally off the hook here. And if, like the movie, I have a female ghost living in my house, I will simply embrace the fact that I am no longer totally alone in a household of men.

I wonder if she cleans bathrooms?


  1. Oh my gosh! This is hilarious! I was totally going to do a post on boys bathrooms today on my blog...but figured nobody really cared about my bathroom drama...(I too, am all alone in a house full of boys, 3 to be exact, or 4 if you count my husband.) Thanks for the laughs...I feel your pain...and bleach...and Clorox wipes, etc. There are just some things they don't get I guess! I LOVE your blog...thanks!

  2. What a difference! I could hardly stand to look at the before pictures...but the after's are so nice! Happy for you! Come say hi :D

  3. Really nice after pic's! And I can sooooo relate to things not being put back, or on, or closed. I always say...A door that OPENS also CLOSES! I mean really! How many times a day can one person go around closing a door that someone else can not seem to close! Irritating!

  4. Seriously. What in the world. That would make me crazy! I would be up in the bathroom every day making sure the toilet paper were in the right spot, and I'd install alarms on the cupboard doors. LOL.....My bathroom was still way worse than yours girl...and I HAD to use it. That or do my business outside. Lovely transformation. You make everything better!

  5. I had to laugh at the toilet paper, I just had that thought the other day, can I seriously be the only person in the world who can put a roll on. In my house they will balance it very carefully on top of the empty card board tube. I love all of the work you have done to your house, it is such a beautiful place. So is your photography.

  6. I love the colors in your bathroom redo! I say "pick your battles". I would put a new roll of TP on the holder (just for looks), then put a basket full of rolls on the floor for them to grab from.

  7. I have to ask, where did you get your door hardware on your cupboard doors? I LOVE them! Oh, and super nice bathroom! My hubby does stuff all the time that drives me nuts, little petty stuff like not putting the tooth paste up and not pulling the shower curtain when hes done showering haha...

  8. too funny. the exact same thing happens to the toilet paper in my house!! beautiful bathroom!

  9. You really DO make everything better! (Well said, Smarty Marty.) Gazing upon your toilet is the perfect end to this day.

  10. My t.p. is also unattached, and winds up in the toilet soaking wet! My youngest is one....

  11. Personally, I think that you actually snuck over to my boys' bathroom to take that toilet paper shot... Go ahead, deny it, but I have seen that exact. roll. of toilet paper. often.
    What a lovely bathroom - bright, cheery, and simple. Bravo my friend!

  12. I love how citrusy (is that a word?) and fresh that bathroom looks. And P.S. my girls suffer from the safe affliction. When you come see me this summer bring that cleaning toothbrush with you okay?

  13. LOVE the color of that bathroom. I just wondered where the TP holder is? I didn't see near the toilet and wondered if it is too far for them to reach it? Just a thought.

  14. Wow - you took that bathroom from a cringe factor of 10+ all the way down to nothing! I say you glue the roll to the floor and see what happens. Just for fun. -amy

  15. I had to laugh as soon as I saw the picture of the TP on the floor...I believe it is a male thing! I often wonder why my husband be so anal about which way the TP ends up on the roller when I am the only one to put it there. Over or under doesn't matter as long a I am the one putting it there I tell him. AND cupboard doors drive me nuts.

  16. oooooooooooooh yeah, the sixth sense was just on the other night. now i'm creeped out! LOL.

    the color is so fresh! adore it!!!

  17. I have the same tp issue with my bf. He wont use the one on the roller....says he cant reach it. Hello.......its right next to you at arm level. I can reach it why cant you? And so I have one there for me........and on the floor for him. Maybe I should start talking about cooties that roam on the floor. Maybe that will freak him out and he will start to use the one on the wall. No, I doubt it dont care......

  18. Maybe like the "HOT" and "COLD" taps you need "TOILET PAPER" written on the holder? LOL Bathroom is so revitalizing, love the splash of vibrant colour in the shower curtain.

  19. i'm glad to know i'm not the only one whose pantry looks like that. how hard is it to close a door? when i'm sleeping they always manage to close it real good and loud. any other time, it's just not necessary.

  20. haha you make me laugh! I have 3 boys and somehow they just have their own code. ♥ them all though! :)

  21. I had to laugh and your comment about the tp holder, same thing goes in my house. Three boys and same holder same problem not to mention the empty rolls on the floor too! Can anyone TRASHCAN lol!

  22. Such a lovely re-do on the bathroom! I laughed at the toilet paper and kitchen cubbards! My boys do the SAME thing!