March 28, 2010

the purge - an update

Last week, I had a reader ask how the purge is going, so I thought I'd give a quick update on my progress.

Back in January, I began the process of sorting through my closets, cupboards and drawers with the goal of getting rid of anything that didn't have a place in my house. Part way into my closet cleaning venture, the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, and I made the decision to give any money I made to disaster relief. If you're new around these parts, you can read the first part of the story here, and part two, here.

Having a cause and the opportunity to do something for people in dire life or death need really helped my resolve. Knowing I could either keep something I would probably never use, or sell it and perhaps make a difference in a hurting persons life, kept me motivated.

I actually made pretty short work of things, and have been, for the most part, done for about six weeks now. I couldn't be happier with the results. Between my local flea market, which took all of my nice but not vintage/antique items, a back alley vintage tablecloth deal, and an antique store in town that took the rest, I was able to make a $2400 donation to Compassion International's Disaster Relief Fund. Yes, you read that right. Two thousand four hundred dollars. I told you I had a lot of good stuff!

I still have a handful of things, some of my nicest things, that I'm not quite sure what to do with. I've been tossing around the Ebay idea, or maybe trying to sell them here on the blog, but so far, I haven't come up with a plan. I'll keep you posted and let you know when the perfect solution presents itself.

Now, because I can't do a post without pictures, here are some I came across while cleaning off my hard drive.

I have always had a love for miniature donkey's. We had one living down the road years ago, and much to my children's dismay, we had to stop and talk to him every single time we passed by. As in roll down the window, stop the car, and ask him about his day. He was the cutest thing ever, and one day I will have one for my very own. His name will be Donkey, and he will be kept company by my pot belly pig, Petunia. I very well may need a miniature goat or two as well. We'll see.

Anyway, while visiting my sister a few years ago, she took us to visit a newly born baby miniature donkey....can you even imagine the cuteness? Amazingly enough, the baby donkey quickly took a back seat to a very friendly llama (or alpaca, I can't remember which,) (those of you who know, please set me straight,) named Olivia.

Olivia made a bee-line for my youngest and was very, very determined to give him a smooch.

He fought it for a while, but after a serious stare down....

.....he gave in.

Best friends forever.


  1. such CUTE photos! congratulations on your purging :)

  2. How awesome that you could make such a substantial donation. Most of us certainly have too much stuff, and I know I've always been most motivated to purge when it's for a good cause. Good for you! :)

  3. Congrats on the HUGE donation and the accomplishment of purging. Must feel GREAT! And what ADORABLE photos of your son with that cute animal. Great progression of photos. You must have fast shutter speed. ;) What a cute face on your son - the dimples! :)

  4. Aww...congrats on the big donation to help out in Haiti...I love Americans, so generous without being forced: from the heart.

    Your son is such a cutie, and that alpaca NOT so much...I don't care for those animals, they SPIT!


  5. Good for you, Benny!! That is awesome and inspiring.

    Also, your sons are so handsome. :)

    And finally - my mama shares your perplexing love for the mini donkey. Her dream is to one day own a "burro" of her own. ???

  6. My dear Teresa. We are more twins separated at birth than you even realize. I'm absolutely dying to have a miniature donkey. It kills me. If I were in your place I would go and get one today! Emma and I will be so jealous when you do!

    Great job with the purge. It's amazing that you made that much money. I bet you just feel better too!

  7. Wonderful about the donations! I began purging earlier this month. Not progressing very fast, and I really don't have any 'valuable' stuff... so bags are being deposited at our local Goodwill. Hopefully in turn they will benefit a good cause there. And, it is such a liberating feeling!

    Those pics are adorable! We visited an Alpaca ranch two summers ago that my uncle is caretaker of. Now, for a Miniature Donkey fix, please come visit my Ruby & Gracie at our blog. Wouldn't trade my li'l girls for anything. You will need two as a Lone Donkey is a very Lonely (and loud) donkey. -Tammy

  8. I had no idea donkeys are available in miniature. Will you have to build a tiny barn for him?

    And congrats on your efforts to help the people of Haiti ... I was there years ago and things were not good then without the added difficulties of a natural disaster. You're some good people, Teresa. -amy

  9. I too have been purging as of late (if you consider "as of late" being the past year or so...). A girlfriend who is hosting a walk for the cure garage sale just stopped by half an hour ago to pick up my latest collection of things to be parted with. I love that it is going to a good cause - it makes it easier to part with some things that I may have been on the fence about...

    I also spent this past weekend with a girlfriend who has two miniature donkeys - one older one and a baby! Absolutely darling!

    Have a lovely week,

  10. These are the cutest pictures ever and no spitting either, must be love! Come say hi sometime :D

  11. They both have those big doey eyes. So cute!

  12. What a wonderful idea to have a cause attached to my spring cleaning.
    I now have a plan!

    Thank you-
    Your blog is wonderful by the way.

    I'll be back and am now a follower.


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  13. That is an amazing donation! congratulations - just imagine all the good things they will be able to do with that.
    And I love your photos and that cute story. The Olivia photos are too cute!

  14. Great donation - great pictures - love your blog! I am a North Idaho girl myself, so I guess I had best become a follower seeing as how we are neighbors and all...

  15. Wonderful-Love the purge-trying it out myself!
    I vote you sell your nicest things here on your blog so your readers can have a go at your lovely items?! Hint Hint ;)
    Whitney R

  16. Hi Teresa,
    Well thank you for answering my question. What a generous donation you have made, that's awesome! It feels good to purge I think, it just cleanses our minds as well. Have a blessed Easter weekend.


  17. Love the 'whispering sweet nothings' photo at the end. Great series.
    Thanks for making me smile this dreary cold October morning.

  18. You are such a great writer! I enjoyed your post, and I appreciate the motivation you gave me to begin my own "purging" of fun treasures I've found over the years. 😊 Some of my family is coming for a visit soon, and the guest room is currently being used as the "storage" room for all my goodies! Hence, the need for a good purging. Ha! 💖

    From one fellow vintage lover to another,
    Katie 💘