March 26, 2010

the week in pictures

Photo Friday, the bane of my existence, has snuck up on me once again. One would think I would be used to it by now, as it's on a fairly predictable schedule. My new favorite pastime of complaining about Photo Friday also seems to be on the exact same schedule.

Every Friday, just like clockwork.

It's all very similar to the way dinner sneaks up on me every day at about four o'clock, so I guess there's a bit of a pattern here.

This week, I think we'll just take a little photo tour of the happenings around the farm. I have no doubt it will have you riveted to your chair with excitement.

Actually, this first stop is kind of exciting. Thanks to a comment left on my last post, my pillow experience with Amy just got even better, something I would not have thought possible. A reader asked about the little bundle in this picture.

In my haste to unwrap the pillows, I assumed each package had a sachet attached. I didn't take the time to look at each individual one. Looking closer, it's pretty obvious this wasn't another sachet, but I missed it nonetheless.

I was focused on getting to the goods.

I had my eye on the prize.

That little bundle is actually a pocket tissue cover. I can't believe I didn't see it right away. So, another shout out to Amy for this extra little treat. Very clever, very cute. I'm afraid to put it in the black hole that is my purse, for fear I will never see it again. I love it. Thanks again, Amy!

On the shopping front, yesterday The Farmer and I went to the local farm supply store. I never, ever in my early days here in Montana, thought I would enjoy going to the feed store. I fought it for the longest time. I was not a feed store/farm supply kind of girl, I was a mall girl through and through. But, it's grown on me. It's actually a pretty fun place. It was really fun yesterday, when I scored these cuties. On Sale.

You never know when you might need some daisy boots. It's good to be prepared.

In other outside news, we are starting to landscape around the greenhouse.

1. This is how it looked before we started. We flagged out the beds and a small patio. 2. Taking out the sod and topsoil. 3. The Meadowbrook Farmer, going over the plan with his crew. 4. Two weeping crab apples are planted and the ground is prepped for flagstone.

Speaking of the crew...

This is John. John is cold. You can see his breath in the air. John works for my husband. John and his wife are going to have a baby in about six weeks. What John and his wife don't know is that I am going to kidnap their newborn baby girl and take pictures of her. I hope they don't mind. I should probably ask first.

Next up is Cody. Cody also works for my husband. Cody's wife is going to have a baby in about eight weeks. I am going to kidnap their newborn baby boy and take pictures of him too. I will definitely ask Cody first. I don't want to get on his bad side.

But, they have to let me. I have connections with their boss, and their jobs depend on it.

Last but definitely not least is Ken. Ken is not married, nor does he have a baby on the way. Ken is showing us how he can pick up huge rocks with his hand. My husband calls Ken the human forklift. He is S.T.R.O.N.G. I call him Kennebunkport. When the first President Bush was in office, I was always a bit fascinated by his vacation spot, Kennebunkport, Maine. Why? I have no idea. I just loved the name. It's fun to say. Try it. You'll see what I mean.

Kennebunkport. Kennebunkport. Kennebunkport.

See? Fun.

(Sorry, I'm on a new allergy medicine.)

Things are starting to happen inside the greenhouse as well. The longer, warmer days have really kicked the plants we overwintered into grow mode.

Six out of eight of the rosemary cuttings I potted up a couple months ago have new growth. I almost gave up....things were looking pretty grim, but all of a sudden, they sprouted.

Patience is a gardening virtue.

On Sunday, we built a propagation bed for the greenhouse. We are trying our hand at some cuttings this year, so we set up a system to provide bottom heat for the little starts.

Cuttings are a new thing for me, so I'm really hoping they take root. My hubby had success with geraniums and fuchsias many years ago, but petunias are new for both of us. We had a couple plants unexpectedly make it through the winter, so we figured we'd give them a try. Some are already looking a bit peaked, so I have my fingers crossed for the rest.

I am currently obsessed with taking pictures of water droplets.

As far as the rest of the greenhouse goes, the ladybugs did their job with much success, nary an aphid to be found, and they've also gone to work on a little white fly problem we had going.

I think we're going to order another batch, as most of them are either hiding or have flown the coop altogether. I so wish I'd had a kid in need of a science experiment this year. Aphid annihilation is much more interesting than the sad little carnation and colored water experiment we threw together on more than one occasion in years past.

Okay, last stop on the farm tour. This is Ellie. She is The Meadowbrook Farmer's loyal companion. Ellie refused to look at me for a picture today.

She is without a doubt the sweetest dog on the planet.

She is also, without a doubt, the most disgusting dog on the planet. Ellie loves anything that smells bad. The compost pile, cow pies, horse manure. You get the picture. I call her Smelly Ellie, or Smellinore. This part of the post is purposely photo free. In this past week alone, Ellie has brought to her bed on the back porch, a deer leg (from who knows where), two dead fish, and.....a placenta. This is not her first placenta. Ellie has graced us with many placentas. I think it's her way of letting us know there's a new calf in the pasture. Unfortunately, the list of things Ellie brings us on a regular basis gets worse. I can't even tell you about the worst of the worst, but it may very well involve boy cows that are not quite as manly as they used to be.

Enough said.

Did I mention how very, very sweet she is?

Okay, I can't leave you there, so lets get that image out of our head with some pretty spring daffodils.

I love daffodils. They are so sunny and full of hope. $1.99 a bunch at the grocery store.

Now you're pretty much caught up on life on the farm. The only thing I've left out was the fire we had last weekend, but I'm not quite ready to talk about that yet. It involved watching my husband chop down three flaming trees, and enough smoke inhalation to take at least a couple years off my life. For my part, I manned the four wheeler mounted water tank, complete with a water gun that put out the equivalent of a half turned on garden hose during a drought in the Sahara. Good times.

Have a great weekend!


  1. If only every dog could live on a farm...smelly heaven, lol. City dogs love smelly things too.

    P.S. That is the most beautiful greenhouse that I have ever seen, pinky swear.

  2. Sorry to hear about the fire! That must have been scary! But I do love your photos and your way of telling a story. Have a great weekend.

  3. Love hearing & seeing about life on the farm. Love your photos girl!! Much better than mine. Lovin those raindrop pics, the reflections are awesome!!

    P.S. Ellie's adventures with rotten stuff made me hold my hand over my mouth..yuck ha-ha..

    Awesome Daisey boots!!

  4. Oh how I love that greenhouse and your photos are so spectacular. I hope you come by for a visit soon. How is your purging going?


  5. Teresa your blog absolutely makes my day each time you post! You make me laugh outloud and bring so much cheer to my 8 hours at a desk each day! I get so excited when I see you've just posted! :) Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are kindred spirits with basically everything in your house...I drool over every single picture and every corner of your house! I have ordered wonderful treasures from VintageHome for a couple of years now and couldn't agree more with your love for her vintage talent! I loved it when your worlds combined! So I just had to thank you for how you always send sunshine to Knoxville, Tennessee! With love, Mary Gene P.S. Ellie is a-dorable!! My cat Goldie brings us similar treats..yuk!

  6. Love the boots! And oh, for daffodils blooming -- beautiful!

  7. I have to ask what you're using to take these gorgeous pictures...and I pinky swear w/ the other poster that I agree on the cutest greenhouse ever!

  8. I have to disagree with you on one point...My golden is the sweetest dog on the planet...come meet him! :D

  9. Kennebunkport, Maine is just as fun and gorgeous as the name. I've been there enough times to really appreciate it in the summer, but never enough to say I have been through a Maine winter.

    I have always wanted to visit Montana. Now, I feel like this blog lets me visit Thank you.

  10. You have no idea how I needed that laugh right now. I'm forever grateful. That Ellie! I didn't know you had a golden. Maybe she and Millie could be best friends? But only if she promises not to teach Millie how to bring any of that nasty stuff home. Ewww.

    Love seeing more of your greenhouse. Do you guys plan to start selling flowers? It's so lovely. I think I could spend entire days lost in the flowers. I hope you have a great weekend.

  11. Seriously - a placenta? That would never even had made it on my long list of Possible Things The Dog Drug In. Smellinore. HA.

    That greenhouse is simply gorgeous. I could live in there. Looks good with the boots too. :-) -amy

  12. You do take nice pictures...and your writing is funny too.

  13. The greenhouse...SO wonderfully beautiful. Thanks for those pictures.

    Also - thanks for that daffodil picture. I'm waiting for them to pop up in some grocery store around here...they're a favorite of mine, too. For now, I'll just be happy with the picture of yours.

  14. LOL! Your Ellie is a such a great dog! :-) Your green house is lovely! And all of your plants looks they are off to a great start!
    And to answer your question, these were local finds. I still have not blogged about my little Montana bluebird towel. I have a whole bluebird post in my head that needs to be put on paper... I mean into the computer.

  15. thanks for a great laugh about your ellie! we also have a 'smellie ellie'; however, we do NOT live in a pasture... yet. headed there, soon hopefully. love, love, love those rain boots. happy boots!

  16. i always enjoy your blog. can't wait to see the greenhouse once it's finished. and the mountains in the background look breathtaking. Being a Hoosier, we don't see too many hills; however, I actually have been to Kennebunkport, ME, and it is worth the trip (even saw G.H.Bush's home, which is also very cool and is on a pennisula that juts out into the water).
    p.s. My husband and I just bought our first home. I can't wait to see what comes up this spring, and I'll definitely use your previous posts on annuals and perinials as a guide for flowers I'd like to see come up. I love the variety, and I'm excited to get some hostas and peonies when my mom divides hers.

  17. I like the way you write...maybe exactly the way you think? Thanks for the fun!
    love the water droplets.
    trying not to covet your cute, cute greenhouse.

  18. Just in case you're wondering, Kennebunkport is as wonderful as it sounds. Sigh...spent three weeks in New England for our 25th anniversary, and am longing to go back.
    I agree with Tidy Mom by the way, and LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  19. Again, throwing that luscious greenhouse manse in my tired face! Excellent choice on the weeping crabapples. I can't wait to see it all in bloom!

    Also, could we please add "placenta" to the list, along with "protein" and "vignette"? Thank you.

  20. I laughed when I read about Smellinore and the placentas. We too had a dog that always managed to find them, deposit them on the front yard and then stand proud with her find. The worst was she buried a calf head in my new flower bed. I saw a mound of dirt that I new I had not made and when I went to investigate I screamed as an ear came out of the dirt with my trowel. Poor Jessie new she was in trouble. She slithered out of the front yard on her belly like snake. But....that being said she was the best dog we had.

  21. That greenhouse is amazing! I could work with that!

    Ellie is a doll. Much like my Belle. What can I say, ... Golden's are the best.

  22. The greenhouse is amazing! I could live in it!! LOL Love the boots too. Your photos are incredible, and I love the way you write. I was sitting here saying Kennebunkport over and over giggling all the way!! ♥

  23. This post was so fun! I love seeing your progress on the farm...Montana, huh??? No wonder John is freezing!!!! Beautiful shots are wonderful with that camera!!!! And Ellie, well she is a dog and she lives where she can find those things...if my dog lived in MOnatana I would have those "gifts" too! LOL

  24. 1 - beautiful beautiful pictures!
    2 - THAT greenhouse... do die for!
    3 - Ellie... bless your heart ... GROSS!
    (now I don't feel so bad about the things my cats drag in!!)
    4 - love your blog! must remember to come back more often!~!~ =)

  25. Just came here from tidymom, what a beautiful site you've got here! I can't wait to explore, especially the Christmas photo's she raved about!

  26. Great blog! Lots of fun. Laughed about four o'clock - I don't get it why men think 3 meals a day is a necessity. Used to have a terrier that brought me gopher guts, then rolled in them. Sorry, I HAVE to covet that greenhouse. Lucky girl - oh, the daisy boots, too. Thanks for the Friday Post - eye candy and fun to read!

  27. Your greenhouse is lovely and will be superb with your new plantings along the patio and walk. Keep us updated on how the cuttings are coming along as I definately am interested. So nice to see your new daisy boots to keep the tootsies dry on those wishy washy days in the garden. Our dog King also likes to pick things up and bring them back but nothing to that extent thank the heavens. Daffodils are the best bang for the buck at Easter and look just so beautiful. Great pics!!!

  28. My sister, the one with (underline - bold!) the green thumb would absolutely cry with envy at your beautiful greenhouse! The Cnd. Cancer Society has a daffodil campaign every year so we get to welcome Spring into our homes and help a worthy cause. You are such a talented photographer, not to mention a gifted writer. So enjoying visiting Meadowbrook Farm. I have to tweet this post!

  29. OK so I must confess I'm a little jealous of your Greenhouse, especially after doing a silly little post about mine! Well I suppose I don't have enough room for one as big as yours, but if I did... I would! Great Post! Wonderful Greenhouse!

  30. That greenhouse is to die for........and I just LOVE those boots, the flowers are gorgeous and your smelly dog is adorable! LOL

    you know how much I ADORE your photography!♥

  31. I'm speechless. But I'm gonna try....seriously.....seriously....your greenhouse has ME green. AND YOU HAVE A CREW?? YOU HAVE A FREAKING CREW!? I have a pitchfork, and that's the extent of my crew...oh, and my hoe. You are one lucky gal. Can't wait to see how you landscape it. Teresa...seriously, your home is fabulous. I love your style, your photos, and your humor. Smellinore? Oh how I love it. SO good catching up with you.